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Dream Nannies is integrating Knowing Nanny personality profiles into their childcare placement process to help select the most suitable childcare for families across Australia.

Beginning January 2019, Dream Nannies will begin implementing Knowing Nanny personality profiles for childcare applications across Australia. These personality profiles will help Dream Nannies to better match families and childcare applicants. The profiles of potential nannies will be used alongside their already rigorous background checks and reference checks.

Dream Nannies approach to childcare is transforming the way individuals are chosen for families.  By adding this additional layer of understanding to childcare applicants, Dream Nannies are doing all they can to identify and gain a clear understanding of what they need to do to provide families to be successful in any childcare position.

“We are excited to be partnering with Knowing Nanny – and having a deeper understanding of our nannies and the types of personalities they have,” said Jackie Rylance, Founder at Dream Nannies. “We view this partnership as an investment in both our clients and our nannies by helping share who they are, how they handle particular roles, and provide clarity as to how they will behave. We are closing the gap with misunderstanding who someone is when it comes to personality.”

“Dream Nannies has a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition, ensuring their clients have an individual who is most suitable for their family” said Delilah Atkinson, Principal of Knowing Nanny. “Our goal is to help Dream Nannies make ideal matches, reduce turnover, and allow parents to hire someone they understand and work well with. Our personality profiles are in 33 languages, take 15 minutes online, and give insight into the inner personality of a potential hire.  There are no right or wrong personalities, people are just different, and we want to help parents better understand childcare applicants so they can thrive in the role they take on.’”

About Knowing Nanny

Knowing Nanny is an online personality questionnaire bespoke to those individuals in childcare positions. The report provides insight into the characteristics and personality traits of a potential hire.  The questionnaire is online, in multiple languages, and can be administered from anywhere in the world.   To learn more about the Knowing Nanny please contact Delilah Atkinson at +1.781.862.5253 or visit www.knowingnanny.com.  To find the right nanny in Australia contact Jackie Rylance at +61 488 014 055 or visit www.dreamnannies.com.au

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