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eNannySource.com Announces Strategic Partnership With Knowing Nanny For Better Family & Nanny Matching

eNannySource launches nanny personality assessments in partnership with Knowing Nanny, offering parents deeper insight into perspective childcare providers.

[Boston, MA] —eNannySource.com on Monday announced a strategic partnership with Knowing Nanny to better help parents find the right nanny for their family. Beginning February 2019, eNannySource.com will offer Knowing Nanny personality profiles for childcare applicants across the United States. The personality profiles will be offered alongside their background checks, reference checks and nanny training and will help families and childcare providers better understand if they are a good fit.

Since 1994, eNannySource.com has been providing parents with the tools they need to hire a nanny on their own, without the agency fees. They have found that most families can screen nannies just as well as nanny agencies, when they have the right tools and resources at hand. With a database of over 30,000 nannies to choose from, vetting tips, a Nanny Success Kit, background checks, nanny training and now Knowing Nanny personality profiles, families can control their nanny search and discover candidates who will be the best match.

“At eNannySource.com, we really empower parents to make smart hiring decisions” said Michelle LaRowe, editor-in-chief at eNannySource. “We view this partnership as an investment in ensuring that parents have the tools they need to find the perfect nanny for their family.”

Delilah Atkinson, Principal of Knowing Nanny said, “eNannySource is an exciting partner to have. They are true experts in the industry, passionate about childcare, and strive to help parents and nannies find the right match. This is an incredible way for eNannySource to do just that while standing out from the crowd and offering a point of difference. Our goal is to support eNannySource in continuing to provide the best A-class service to their users without breaking the bank, and allowing parents to understand who they are hiring and who they would work well with.  There are no right or wrong personalities, people are just different, and some nannies suit certain families better. Knowing Nanny helps to ensure nannies can thrive in the role they take on and the family is happy. We believe a happy nanny + happy family = thriving children.”


About Knowing Nanny

Knowing Nanny is an online personality questionnaire bespoke to those individuals in childcare positions. The report provides insight into the characteristics and personality traits of a potential hire. The questionnaire is online, in multiple languages, takes 15 minutes, can be administered from anywhere in the world, and the reports are immediate.  To learn more about the Knowing Nanny please contact Delilah Atkinson at +1.781.862.5253 or visit www.knowingnanny.com.  To find the right nanny visit www.eNannySource.com.

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