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What Are The Top 10 Resolutions for Parents & Families in 2019?

We all start the New Year off thinking about what we did or didn’t do the previous year and how we could JUST DO IT this year.  Sometimes we set those expectations high, sometimes low, and hopefully some more attainable.  For parents, there are lots of goals you can set that will benefit the entire family & here are our TOP 10:

Explain more of the thinking behind your decisions and expectations – then stick to them.

Read & play with the children more –spend less time staring at a screen or on electronics

Make a habit of making a little time for “me” to be a happy, positive influence on the children

Expect more from the child in regard to kindness, respect, good behavior, responsibility, and manners

Expect less & give the children a break without constantly keeping them on the move and the need to go go go

Get the children to try new things and expand their limited food menu- get creative by making fun dinners or get them involved in the prep process

Be OK not giving the kids everything they want – they will survive without it

Worry less & try to not be a helicopter parent

Get the children outside more enjoying fresh air; go green and be eco-conscious

Connect with the children and listen to what they are saying; talk “at” them less and listen more

Have family dinners at least once a week to encourage the children to share more about their day and what is happening in their world

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