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What Kind Of Nanny Do You Need?


When thinking about selecting a nanny what is it you are looking for?

a)     a feisty, challenging nanny who will keep your older children on their toes

b)     a gentle, nurturing nanny who will love and cuddle your infant

c)     a nanny with initiative who will set goals and schedules for your children

d)     a submissive nanny who will do what you tell them to do

Not all nannies or nanny necessities are the same.

You may think that a careful, professional interview will identify your perfect nanny, but unfortunately it won’t. Interviews are notoriously biased and some potential nannies are good at figuring out what to say and will give the right impression. Others may be shy and downplay their capability or just don’t do well in interview.

As soon as we meet someone we start to make assumptions about what they are like. As an alternative, why not use a scientific, validated assessment to take an objective approach to hiring a nanny? Instead of guessing someone’s personality and potential by their outward demeanor at interview, use our Knowing Nanny profile to assess and understand the personality characteristics of a potential nanny.

Our reports will help you to see personality traits that are good for childcare and traits that may need some support. Awareness of these characteristics will help to reduce nanny turnover, minimize unnecessary stress such as misunderstanding and cultivate healthier relationships. By understanding what you need and seeing which nanny will meet those needs will help create a happy home.

Try one for FREE today!

Knowing Nanny works with nanny agencies, child care companies and families across the globe to assess the characteristics of their potential hires. The online questionnaire takes 15 minutes, is available in 30+ languages and can be administered online from anywhere in the world.

Reach out today of you wish to have more insight into your potential nanny or if you are an agency looking to stand out from the crowd!

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