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 Morningside Nannies Announces Strategic Partnership with Knowing Nanny to Help Families Find Their Best Match Morningside Nannies implements Knowing Nanny personality profiles into their nanny screening process. [Boston, MA] —Morningside Nannies, Houston’s Award-Winning Nanny Referral Agency, on Monday… Read More

eNannySource.com Announces Strategic Partnership With Knowing Nanny For Better Family & Nanny Matching eNannySource launches nanny personality assessments in partnership with Knowing Nanny, offering parents deeper insight into perspective childcare providers. [Boston, MA] —eNannySource.com on Monday announced a strategic partnership… Read More

What Are The Top 10 Resolutions for Parents & Families in 2019?

We all start the New Year off thinking about what we did or didn’t do the previous year and how we could JUST DO IT this year.  Sometimes we set those expectations high, sometimes low, and hopefully some… Read More

KNOWING NANNY PARTNERS WITH DREAM NANNIES TO SUPPORT CHILDCARE SELECTION Dream Nannies is integrating Knowing Nanny personality profiles into their childcare placement process to help select the most suitable childcare for families across Australia. Beginning January 2019, Dream… Read More

What Kind Of Nanny Do You Need?

QUESTION? When thinking about selecting a nanny what is it you are looking for? a)     a feisty, challenging nanny who will keep your older children on their toes b)     a gentle, nurturing nanny who will love and cuddle your infant… Read More

How Knowing Nanny Came To Life

Knowing Nanny is an idea I started working on in 2006, the year I had my first child Isla. The first time I laid eyes on my daughter I fell hard- I was so in love- and I… Read More