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Have you ever taken on a childcare role and thought this would be so much easier if your boss understood you better?  Well, you are right, if people had a better understanding of who we are and what makes us tick, expectations would be much clearer, and job placements would be a better fit.

At Knowing Nanny we have developed our personality assessment to help carers learn more about themselves and their unique strengths, growth areas, and preferences. There are no right or wrong personalities, people are just different, and we want to help create environments where everyone wins.

For example, let’s say you are a very shy, playful person who loves children but just get too nervous during the interview process. You find it hard being yourself in these 30 minutes due to nerves and are not able to show your personality in the initial interview.  Maybe your shyness is putting people off in interviews and you are losing out on roles you would be great at.  If you came to the interview armed and said, “I’m shy but here’s a personality report about me,” it will probably show that 1.) you want this job 2.) your being open and 3.) you have a report that shows your many wonderful characteristics.  Now, you don’t have to necessarily explain it, our report can help you to explain who you are and how good you will be in a childcare role.

Another example: you are a very outgoing person and someone who loves to win but your last role didn’t work out because the family wanted you to follow the rules, schedules and meal plans they set, wanted someone to be very calm around the kids and to do crafts all day.  You are now interviewing again and you take our personality assessment showing that you are competitive, organized, fun and independent.  Now you have two childcare roles you get to choose from.  Which one is right for you?

  • A family who is looking for someone to motivate their children who swim competitively, have the initiative to put some structure in place regarding schedule and meal plans without any support, and to help the children with completing homework.
  • A family with two toddlers that has a daily schedule set, wants you to bake and do crafts all day and to think creatively with the children in all that you do.

Just remember:

  1. Your personality makes you interesting and unique and makes you different from the next person.
  2. Awareness of your personality is helpful to yourself and to the person(s) hiring you so they know why you behave the way you do and you know if your personality is the right fit for their family.
  3. The personality assessment is not testing how smart you are – this is just about getting to see the inner you and being able to share that with others.

If you have any questions about our personality assessment and how it will help you, please reach out to us at info@knowingnanny.com.  If you want to purchase an assessment and see the inner you please click here.