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Who We Are

At Knowing Nanny, our mission is to provide nanny agencies, childcare facilities, and families more insight and understanding as to who they are hiring to look after children. We also provide insight to caregivers – helping them to see their strengths and what kind of environment they would succeed in.

We specialize in providing a 20 minute online personality assessment to anyone anywhere in the world.  The questionnaire is available in 33 languages and the report is delivered within minutes.  It is hard to understand a potential carers personality, what motivates them and how they would handle a childcare role. It’s equally as hard for the carer to understand if their personality will fit within a particular family environment.

Using objective and scientific assessments + motivational values, Knowing Nanny can help to look beyond the experience and the resume to identify a nanny with the energy, ability and passion to care for children. Most parents want someone who demonstrates responsibility and trustworthiness, a personality fit, and a passion for childcare.

Knowing Nanny assessments take 20+ minutes and are delivered within minutes.  You can take a shortlist of 3, 5, 20+ applicants and use our Knowing Nanny questionnaires to determine who is the best fit!

Easy Access To Potential Caregivers

Whether you are looking for a local nanny or taking someone on from across the globe, our online platform allows potential nannies to log in and complete the 15 minute assessment from anywhere in there world.  All they will need are login details,  computer access and WI-FI connection.

Multi-language Online Screening 

The Knowing Nanny assessments are available in 33 languages.  If you are looking to have a nanny move 3000 miles to join your family, you will want to make sure they are right for you and vice versa.  We set up assessments in the nanny’s native language to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Affordable For Any Budget

At Knowing Nanny we believe in our pre-screening approach and offer fees you can afford.  For families, we offer single assessments starting at $29.  You can also buy a pack of 3, do a one month unlimited, or a tailored offering.  However big or small you want to go, we can make the cost affordable to you.

Reducing Time In Choosing

Knowing Nanny wants to help give you piece of mind when hiring a caregiver, and we want to help you with selection by ensuring our assessments come through quickly.  Our fast turnaround allows you to take your shortlist of nannies, assess them, and determine who is best for family without delaying the hiring process!